Short presentation:

Director of company is Private Investigator Tina Kramberger, member of the Detective Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia since 2011. Company was established by PI Oset Gregor in 2015, who worked as PI since 2004 until 2017. Company cooperates also with some other Slovenian detectives and some foreign detectives as a full-service investigation agency. 

CONTACT: You can visit us in our office in Slovenia, Maribor, Glavni trg 17B. 

You are also welcome to send an email so   

or call +386 31 348 414

Main investigative areas are: 

Insurance Fraud Investigations and Insurance Claim Investigations, 

Business Background Investigation, 

Due Diligence Investigations, 

Human Resources Issues and Employee Thefts Investigations, 

Fraud Investigations, 

Investigation Services to Corporate Lawyers and Litigation Support Investigations, 

Counterfeiting Investigations, Anti Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent  infringement Investigations,

Employment Background (Preemployment checks). 

Besides Investigation we can also assist on resolving disputes with Mediation Services.